Apex racers have been making an impact on the Seattle racing scene for over a decade.  In 2008, a select group of experienced, dedicated road racers formed Apex Racing.  The team gelled around what matters most in cycling: riding and racing.  Structured, planned training combined with a desire to execute smart tactics are hallmarks of the team.  Teamwork, camaraderie, and a drive to ride your bike because it is fun underly the team philosophy.  Each year since its inception, the team has excelled at nurturing new riders and upgrading riders through the categories.  The team has also broadened its scope to not only race road with gusto but also race cyclocross with similar enthusiasm.  From its first few years, Apex continues to grow while staying close to its mission.

Our primary focus is road racing. This includes road races, circuit races, stage races, criteriums, and time trials.

We had a very successful 2012 season where we employed very tactical moves in the peloton.  We learned a lot about what works and what doesn’t work, but the most important thing we learned was that things usually don’t go according to plans and you need to know the abilities of your teammates to change things on the fly. For the first time, we have a small (and growing) group of category 2 riders. We’d like to expand our upper ranks with experienced category 1/2/3 racers for the upcoming seasons.

With some newly integrated talent we look to have an even more successful 2013 season.





Usually near the end of the road season we become burnt out and start chomping at the bit for a change of pace.  A handful of us ditch the traditional surface that is known as tarmac and hit the mud for some cyclocross action.  Cyclocross improves your bike handling and corning skills as well as keeps your fitness up when the road season has ended.

The Cyclocross world is not nearly as picky as the Roadie world so it is a good time to just relax and enjoy the sport.

In Cyclocross it is all YOU!  No wheelsucking here.