This weekend’s Mutual of Enumclaw stage race was one for the Apex history books. Across all categories, Apex left a sizable dent in the results. We also had the opportunity to work with an awesome race organizer and volunteer for this event.

The weekend started out with three wins in the time trials. Rob Demick took the cat 5 TT, John Alving snagged the cat 4 title, and Todd Baumeister nailed down the win in the cat 3 time trial! This surprised just about everyone, including the winners themselves! They now had a serious race ahead of them, with some team planning required in order to protect their lead. Could they all do it?

The rest of the team did really well in their respective time trials, putting a serious threat out in front of other teams for the lead in the general classification. Later in the day Saturday, the downtown criterium mixed things up, with Apexers sliding up and down a couple places in the general classification. I even survived my first cat 1/2 crit. It was a blast! Speaking of a blast, the cat 3 crit had some amazing teamwork.

Jason and Todd being called up in the cat 3 crit

Mr. Cemanski took a spill early in the cat 3 race, got back up, changed his wheel, and finished the race while bleeding from three places on his body. He even won a time bonus! This was just one of the many individual efforts across the races that afternoon.

The final road race ended up being ridiculously hard across all categories. There were breakaways in all races, it was pouring rain, and everyone trashed themselves. A notable moment from the cat 3 race came when Todd dropped his chain on the climb mid-race. Since he was already being pushed to his limit on the climb and was a contender for the overall win, the rest of the guys waited up to help out. Unreal!

When Todd dropped his chain in the RR, it took about 3.2 seconds for this scene to occur. How many other cat3 racers would have been surrounded by 3 teammates that fast, or at all, pacing back on? Then you guys kill yourselves for the next 5 miles to catch. When you approached the back of the pack, the words of the official in my car: "Wow. Unbelievable." What a kick ass team. - teammate Jason Spears, as witnessed from the cat3 follow car

Yep. That’s how we roll over here at Apex.